24 Hours: Amsterdam


Despite its less-than-stellar reputation, Amsterdam is a beautiful, Dutch-colonial city (though if you closed your eyes, it would sound more like America, with the amount of English spoken).

Though Dutch is similar to German, it’s a light-hearted language; bubbly, almost, when spoken by the jovial Dutch. Quite a change from standard German.  And if you’ve never been to Amsterdam, here’s your chance:

8:10 am:

Good Morning, Baltimore Amsterdam!

People in Amsterdam don't believe in blinds...


9:10 am:

 Free breakfast.

The best free hostel breakfast...so many choices.


10:10 am:

Queue to the Anne Frank Haus is already spilling out of the building. (#typical)

Her house is the building on the far left, and the line stretches back behind the church on the far right.


11:10 am:

There’s a reason why Amsterdam is one of the bike-friendliest cities in the world.

Three rows of solid bikes.


12:10 pm:

A bird pooped on me. (Well, I can cross that one off the bucketlist…)

And because I don't have a picture of this momentous occasion, please note my face, the face I made when I had to walk around for two hours before I could wash it out. I kept that expression for the full two hours. (Kidding. Just kidding.)


1:10 pm:

Even Amsterdam has protests.

Campsite for Occupy Amsterdam. No, I am not making this up. Everyone wants to copy America, apparently.


2:10 pm:

The best hour of my day. No more bird poop AND hot chocolate.

What makes a great hot chocolate: adding cocoa powder AND cinnamon on top.


3:10 pm:

A little real-estate shopping (Do you think black’s my color? Kidding.).

The oldest house in Amsterdam, and only one of two houses left still made entirely out of wood. It better watch out for the Occupy Amsterdam protestors...


4:10 pm:

A little cheese sampling at a gourmet cheese shop.

A town near Amsterdam is called "Gouda." Guess what kind of cheese it's famous for making?



5:10 pm:

Magere Brug, or Skinny Bridge.

Legend has it that two wealthy sisters lived on opposite sides of the canal and built the bridge so they could visit each other. However, they weren’t wealthy enough, so the bridge was narrower than usual, hence “skinny.”




6:10 pm:

Quest to find a stroopwafel: a cinnamon-y syrup sandwiched by two thin, crispy waffels.

Hot off the iron, it must be held horizontally, lest the hot filling leak out and burn you.


It tasted like a snickerdoodle on steriods. I'd go back just for the stroopwafels.


7:10 pm:

Just a friendly game of life-size chess.

The black side started crushing the white side shortly after this picture was taken. Oooo, burn.


8:10 pm:




9:10 pm:

Walk along the Jordaan canal.

A "found" cat?


Apparently "James" does enough cat finding to have his own website...


10:10 pm:

Hostel socializing.

Flashback to the 70s!


11:10 pm

Still socializing.

Please enjoy this picture of a duck in Vondelpark instead.

It was my friend.


12:10 am:


This is me sleeping.


Amsterdam in 24 hours; there you have it. (You’re just missing another 24, that’s all. “Amsterdam in 48 Hours” just doesn’t have the same ring.)


Have you been to Amsterdam?


5 thoughts on “24 Hours: Amsterdam

  1. Those stroopwafels look amazing…and really fun to say, too. And Found By James is a very strange site. Guy finds stuff. And then sells it for ridiculous amounts of money. Interesting!

  2. Hi Claire! I loved your day in Amsterdam! I have never been but now I feel as though I’ve had the tour. I cracked up at the lack of blinds. I too don’t believe in blinds. I choose to think the construction workers out my window are too far away for a real show 🙂

  3. I haven’t been to Amsterdam, but it was a popular getaway spot for most of my friends when I studied abroad.

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