Love Locks: An (Un)Comprehensive Study


One of the best parts about living in Germany is being able to devote time to being a local. There’s no need to go to Köln and rush around, trying to see all the sights in a jam-packed itinerary for two days. You have the liberty of time to stop and notice the little things that busy tourists might otherwise pass by (or quickly snap a photo of and move on).

One afternoon in Köln I spent some quality time looking at the locks that couples have locked on the Hohenzollern Bridge. It was a bit dodgy, taking pictures while tourists nudged my elbows and bicycles whizzed past me. Nevertheless, I managed to capture some of my favorites:





Some of the locks commemorated weddings, with matching wedding bands locked together. (A popular idea, but Eric and Tanja’s lock won out.)




(Imagine if it said, “Nein!” instead. I know, I know, that’s very unsympathetic…)



What this one lacks in looks, it makes up for in size (and in creative names).




"I love every bit of fluff on you!"


(This sounds like something I would say. Awkward.)



Let’s hope this lock just commemorated their 10 year anniversary, not a divorce after 10 years. (I kid, I kid.)





This wins the most random lock award. “Taddel” and “Lind Ling” are some weird pet names. And I’m sincerely hoping that  the caterpillar and Squidward-esque additions aren’t 100% accurate likenesses of “Taddel” and “Ling Ling.”



Budda was a popular choice for the more elaborate locks.




A beautiful sentiment on some not so beautiful locks. I’m pretty sure orange is only popular if you’re a pumpkin or an…orange.



Nothing says, “I love you,” like a salamander. Unless, of course, you are a salamander.



Or, perhaps just skip the traditional lock altogether and go for a giant fish. (To complete it, they should have engraved it with, “You’re quite the catch!” Thank you, thank you, I’ll stick around after the show.)


Which lock is your favorite?



4 thoughts on “Love Locks: An (Un)Comprehensive Study

  1. These are really interesting to look at! I guess it must be a pretty common practice, if you can buy engraved locks specifically for that purpose. Thanks for braving the bicycles to take and share those photos!

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