The Odd One Out


There are some buildings that are quite elegant and refined, showcasing the mastery of their architects.


Il Duomo - Milano


These buildings are studied in art books,


Eiffel Tower at night


Fondly remembered by grey-haired Ivy-League professors,




Berlin Cathedral


And immortalized in awkwardly-angled tourist photographs.


If this doesn't scream, "awkward," then I don't know who you are. (You're probably Italian...they don't have a word for "awkward.")



And then there are buildings that are the complete opposite.

Bumbling, quirky, whimsical.

They look comical, like they don’t belong with the rest of the grandiose landscape.

They’re like a tuxedoed kid wreaking havoc at a fancy dinner.


And the number one building in this category?


It's really leaning in this picture...


Yes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (or it’s lesser-known name, “Il Torre Pendente”).

It’s just peeking out in a playful way, in a total juxtaposition to the stoic and ornate buildings surrounding it.

Like this:

I had to crop for obvious reasons...or maybe not so obvious reasons.

Everywhere I went, the Tower was playing hide-and-seek, but was failing miserably at the “hiding” part.

It’s a bit like that guy who always photobombs your pictures, or that girl at the party who insists on awkwardly jumping into the photo at the last minute. Everyone tries to avoid her, but they just can’t.

"Oh hey, I wanted to be in the picture, too!"


"Haha, can't get rid of me!"


The only way you can tame the obnoxious, hyperactivity (i.e. the kid who eats a whole bag of Red 40 Swedish Fish, a full sleeve of Double Stuf Oreo cookies, and then washes it down with 2 Hawaiian Punches) of the Tower is to go at night.



Much better. No more competing for attention now! (And someone, please, stop giving that kid so much sugar. It’s best for us all.)


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