Do You Dream of Chocolate?

Have you ever wished you could stuff as many chocolates as possible into your mouth work in a chocolate factory, a la Lucille Ball?


What if you worked in a chocolate museum? (Ah yes, quite the novel idea.)

You could be a crotchety old woman selling tickets and throwing chocolate samples at American students.

You could have access to a gilded, cacao nut-studded chocolate fountain.

See, I'm not kidding about the free-flowing chocolate fountain. It's even sans double-dipping from germy little hands...

You could have the most envied job in the factory: tying bags of chocolates while people stare at you all day. (Jealous yet?)

The old man in the background is transfixed, I tell you. She can see you...

He's still watching. I think he waiting for her to give him her number. (Ain't gonna happen, buddy.)

You could remind over-zealous visitors that no, they cannot touch the windmill of death, a.k.a. the-machine-that-evenly-distributes-chocolate-in-a-mold.

It spins fast...

You could wear cool hats and complain to your coworkers about how people, who are pretending to be covert, are always taking pictures of you (and that would be…me. Sorry I’m not sorry.).

"Listen, Theresa. This whole having my picture taken 2,000x a day is getting old. I didn't sign up to pretend I was Lady Gaga and get attacked by paparazzi. I just wanted the free chocolate."

(I waiting for the part where the conveyer belts speeds up and they have to get rid of the extra bonbons by throwing them at the bystanders. Unfortunately, this did not happen.)

And if you get tired, you could always take a break.

Gimme a break.

But, the best part of it all: you could witness the inane actions of American college students in the museum. What more could you want?

"You have hair like a wolf..." (bonus points for guessing the movie quote) Let's just pretend I was trying to juxtapose the lack of hair on the "hot chocolate girl" with my wild mane...

And the largest Lindt truffle you ever did see...

This is what I'd like in my Easter basket this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Put in your application now!


One thought on “Do You Dream of Chocolate?

  1. When I was in Singapore, one of the events is basically a drinking – around the world type thing, and one country represented was handing out shots and lindt bunnies as chasers, so that giant one made me laugh.

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