There’s Nothing Better

There’s nothing better when you’re traveling than stumbling upon something unexpected; something unique that is known locally and reflects its location (and it’s better if it’s free, because we all know how I love free things).

There’s nothing better than spontaneously taking a day trip to explore a city, while simultaneously figuring out public transportation for the first time, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it (of course, that only applies if you’re successful in figuring out the public transportation…if you’re not, well then, it becomes an epic story, or an epic fail, depending if your glass if half full or half empty).


I stumbled upon these painted statues of Beethoven in a park in Bonn (the birthplace of Beethoven), a la the Chicago “Cows on Parade“.


After fatto un viaggio around all the statues, I decided that they weren’t very creatively done. Perhaps I was jaded. Or daft. (This could be due to the fact that I couldn’t figure out what most of them were supposed to depict. Maybe it’s a European thing. Or, maybe Germans aren’t creative.)

This one was painted like marble; artistic, but not creative?


Unfortunately, I didn't get that this was supposed to be a partially unwrapped chocolate bar and thought it was artistically half-foiled. Perhaps I don't eat enough chocolate bars (actually, this is quite doubtful).


However, the highlight of the whole experience was watching this man* take meticulous pictures of each and every statue, while his two young sons ran amok:

*my apologies to you, sir-in-the-green-shirt, but I couldn’t resist…

Notice his look of concentration and the red hat of his mischievous son in the right bottom corner...

At one point, one of the sons pulled a part of the statue off and triumphantly waved it around, all while dad was obliviously engrossed in documenting memories to last a lifetime:

Still snapping away..."Look Ma, no hands!" (or in this case, nothing in his hands...anymore)


Standing rank and file underneath the real Beethoven statue



Like I said, there’s nothing better.


3 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Better

  1. I like the chocolate one! When I first saw it, I thought it looked like one of those really crappy foil-wrapped easter bunnies. Your Germany posts are so much fun…I never know what to expect each time I open up your blog.

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