What Happens in Köln, Stays in Köln

Let’s play a little game I call “Guess-What-Really-Happened-in-Köln?” (Yes, I totally made this up. No, I’m not sorry.)

Rules (I’m in Germany; there have to be some rules):

1. Study each picture carefully.

2. Decide which statement below accurately describes the situation.

3. Select your answer.

4. Scroll down to find out if you’re correct (or you can just scroll down without guessing, and in that case, you’re a cheater…).

Question 1

What is happening here?

A) Someone forgot the code to their bicycle lock, so they just kept buying new ones to lock on.

B) It’s part of a government experiment to see how many locks the bridge can withstand without collapsing; you know, for quality purposes.

C) In a gesture of romantic affection, two lovers write their names on a lock, lock it on the bridge, and throw away the key in the river.

D) Choices A and C.


Answer 1: If you choose letter B, you’re wrong! Actually, the answer is C…it’s quite a common practice in Europe. Those hopeless romantics.


Question 2

Who is this man? (Unless you know your history, I’m sure this one will be pretty straight up guessing…)

A) Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia, who wanted the Hohenzollern Bridge to be built so that the people from the otherside of the Rhein would be able to see the spectacular architecture of the Dom.

B) No one special in particular; the architects just thought he looked rather cool, chillin’ by the Hohenzollern Bridge.

C) Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor of Germany, who consolidated Germany from many states to a single empire.

D) King Tut, now a famous mummy touring worldwide.


Answer 2: If you guessed A, you’re a lucky guesser! Good ole Friedrich; without him, there would be no place to put those locks…


Question 3

What is the German word for “Cheers?” (where everyone knows your name)

A) “Wundebar!”

B) “Salud!”

C) “Prost!”

D) All three are acceptable in the melting pot that Germany is.


Answer 3: If you guessed the first letter of my first name, you’re correct! Here’s a closer look at the wonderful Kölsch beer we were drinking:

Sion Kölsch




Question 4

What happened directly after this picture was taken?

A) I was heckled for being a tourist.

B) Someone asked me if I was from  Spain.

C) It started to rain.

D) All of the above.


Answer 4: Choice D is correct! While getting my picture taken, a group of obnoxious teenagers decided that they didn’t like people taking pictures of a national cathedral. Kids. Secondly, I don’t think I look like I’m from Spain. Maybe northern Spain. And thirdly, so glad we were almost to the train station when it started to rain.


Question 5

Who is this?

A) Sarah Jessica Parker

B) Yours Truly

C) A weirdo stranger who asked me to take her picture

D) You’re asking too much, no idea.


Answer 5: I hope you didn’t pick D. If you did, please read the About section.


Score: Count the number you got correct and see below.

4-5 correct: You’re a genius (or a really good guesser)!

3 correct: About 50% right…just like flipping a coin.

1-2 correct: Better luck next time.

0 correct: I’m so sorry. Please read the About section.


3 thoughts on “What Happens in Köln, Stays in Köln

  1. Just clicked on the techno hands twitter post link out of curiousity….Haven’t heard that song in FOREVER!!! Reminds me of freshman year!!! Had to listen to it just for fun 🙂

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