What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Guten Abend! I hope your Tuesday is going off to a great start! Why? Because mine is almost over. I’m jealous (actually, not really; that would mean I would have to sit through countless boring presentations again…I’ll pass).

You know the game they have at the end of magazines, where you have to find what’s either A) wrong with the picture, or B) what’s different between two pictures? (Please humor me if you don’t.)

Please take a look at the following pictures. They certainly could qualify for either of the above categories.


1. Ah, a lovely summer day, complete with sundress, sunglasses, and…giant ears? Yes, take a look my friends.

And a giant blue ear, at that.


2. Imagine the sweet sounds of music playing as you stroll the streets. Wondering where the music is coming from, you look around and jump back nearly 10 feet as you are accosted by the sight of a rather creepy monkey. And a man with a pipe-organ. Normal…or not?

We may just have narrowly missed him picking his nose. Whew.


3. You notice a birthday banner stretched across one of the rooftops. “How nice,” you think, “A German birthday party. Some kid must be very happy today!” Until you actually read the sign.

You know, pink is the new black, orange is the new pink, and "50 is the new 40!" Or not.

First old people are on facebook, now this? What is the world coming to? (Hey, if we’ll all live past 100, then 50 really is the new 40. Logic my friends, logic.)

4. Your walk takes you into the woods, where you take in the fresh air, blue skies, and tree chairs. Tree-houses are for wimps.

It's probably a chair for a giant.

5. You emerge from the woods and head to the old church for some quality time with God. As you look up into the ancient stone rafters, you see…an electronic display board for song numbers. Umm…I’m pretty sure even new churches in the US don’t have that, let alone ancient cathedrals.

I was, as you'd say, "blinded by the light."


6. After your exciting day, you head back to your apartment, where you’re greeted with…a giant MUTANT bug, which you promptly smash without hesitation. Imagine the bite that bug would leave!

Many people became famous posthumously. Including this bug.


What’s an odd thing you’ve seen lately?


3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with This Picture?

    • It sells everything to do with audio: hearing aids, headphones, etc. At least that’s what I’ve seen. Who knows, maybe it’s really a store for plastic figurines or something weird like that, haha.

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