There’s Nothing More German than…Mexican Food

Guten Abend! 

Happy Labor Day and long weekend to those in the Mothercountry… 😉

I started off with quite a warm welcome from Germany. After attempting to avoid everyone’s gazes so I wouldn’t have to reveal the fact that I didn’t speak German while I was waiting for my luggage, I met up with two German students who picked me up from the airport.

Two suitcases and an Autobahn later, I arrived at one of the girl’s apartments, where she surprised us with a homemade cake:

So welcoming!


The beautiful (reluctant) baker


I knew it wasn’t a normal chocolate cake when I tasted it. It tasted a little cinnamony, so I asked if there was cinnamon in it. “Uh, a little, but…”

“So, what kind of a cake is it? What did you make it with?”

“It is made with wine, red wine.” Bingo.

We even scored the leftovers:

In the fridge...what you can't see is the insanely small size of the fridge; a dorm-sized fridge for two people. Huh...


That night I had my first meal in Germany.

At 8:30 pm.

In a Mexican restaurant.

Über German, right?

Avocado soup and German beer.


One of the girls from the program, who is Mexican, said that the food was more Tex-Mex than Mexican. The Germans said that it was probably a German take on Mexican food, Deutsch-Mex. (Okay, just kidding about the name. Let’s patent it, okay?)

The soup was okay, but the beer, called Gäffel Kölsch, was delicious. It stayed bitter the whole time and reminded me why, under no circumstances, will I drink American beer. (P.S. I wasn’t triple fisting, haha) The German girls said they thought of the tall, thin glasses the beers came in as “test-tubes.”

What’s your favorite beer?


2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing More German than…Mexican Food

  1. I love Kölsch! So refreshing. And it’s the only beer I know of that is served in such petite glasses.

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