Chinese Cookies and Window Washers

“Frizzy, busy, dizzy. In the best sense.” (Extra credit points to the first person who guesses what movie this quote is from. Though, I’m pretty sure those extra-credit points are worthless. Just like “brownie points.” I don’t think those earn you any brownies, or else I think I’d be one.)

Yes. This quote sums up my life in the past week or so. Humidity = don’t bother straightening my hair. Busy = relatives in the house, wakes, work. Dizzy = sometimes I stand up too fast (okay, this one really doesn’t count.)

My boss recently returned from a trip to China, and he brought back two Chinese cookies for us the sample. His caveat: “You probably won’t like them, but they’re worth trying anyway.”

I thought in my head, “Pshht, I’m used to unusual flavors. I’m sure they’ll be fine.” I was imagining green tea or mochi or something like that, but I was definitely NOT prepared for what lay ahead.

Cookie #1


It looked pretty enticing: golden pastry wrapped around a sweet, sticky filling. I bit into it and tasted…nothing. I was thinking the filling was going to be coconut or something, but it just didn’t taste like anything. Weird.

Undiscouraged, I moved on to the next cookie. Surely this one had promise.

Cookie #2



It looked like some sort of buttery sable cookie. Innocent enough, right?

I took a nibble and was met with the unmistakable taste of BACON. Eugh. I’m hoping it was bacon flavoring and not bacon, or even something worse.

I left off in search of someone’s candy bowl to raid, and happily placated my taste buds with a Hershey’s kiss. (Well, actually, they would have been better satisfied with Green and Black’s Maya Gold chocolate bar, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.)

And, because I’m sure you’re dying to know, one of my life’s dreams has been fulfilled: seeing the window washers right outside my window at work.

This was totally staged.


What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten? What’s one of your life’s ambitions (facetious or serious)?


6 thoughts on “Chinese Cookies and Window Washers

  1. I’ve been to Asia a few times, so I’m pretty familiar with the weird things you can end up with, thinking they’re innocuous and end up being nastyyyyyy.

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