A “Crumbly” Experience

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend was fantastic (notice that I did not use a copious amount of exclamation marks, yet I sincerely mean what I said). 😉

Whilst on my lunch break one day, I happened upon an outlet of the famed NYC Crumbs Bakery. After hearing all about it, I got extremely excited to try it. My inner dialogue:

“Ooo, how exciting! Let’s get one right now.* Never mind that I don’t really like                      cupcakes anyway, these are going to be fantastic!”

(*Yes, I apparently was referring to me, myself, and I. I promise I don’t normally think in third person. Normally.)

So, I giddily followed a group of tourists into the shop, tingling with excitement as I looked over the menagerie of brightly decorated cupcakes, kept safe from sticky fingers (in the literal and figurative sense) by a pane of glass. I puzzled over what flavor to get, wanting to try a unique flavor. Finally, I decided on Half-Baked, a marriage of chocolate and vanilla, cookie and brownie.

As I paid for my purchase, the cashier looked at me and smirked, saying, “Just this?” Um, yes? Do people normally purchase more than one $4 cupcake for themselves? I smiled politely, paid, and left with my new purchase in my cool new bag:

Artsy at first glance, but at second, it's kind of creepy, right?


I got back to my desk, carefully cradling the cupcake in it’s super cool container:


I decided to be virtuous and save half for later, so I split the cupcake open to find:

A surprise!


Ooo, cream filling. (Also, a few years ago I found out that I’d been spelling “surprise” wrong all along…apparently there was that extra “r” and it WASN’T spelled “suprise.” Surprise!)

I took a few artsy pictures:



Then I dug in. First bite? “Hmmm…cake’s a little dry.”

Second bite? “Hmmm…there’s not enough frosting?”

Third bite? “Where’s the half-baked concept?”

Fourth bite? “I knew there was a reason I didn’t like cupcakes.”

Today’s lesson? Just because all the cool kids are doing it doesn’t mean you have to, too. Especially when it comes down to expensive cupcakes, haha.

What’s one thing you’v done/eaten (especially in the blogger world), just because everyone else was?



4 thoughts on “A “Crumbly” Experience

  1. Urgh, I never got the cupcake hype. It’s pretty and I like looking at it, but I just don’t appreciate that sweet on sweet taste, and the lack of interesting textures. Also…they are dang expensive!

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