It’s the Little Things Thursday

After working two loooong days at the office, today is the perfect day for:

It’s the Little Things Thursday

1. Like spending 30 minutes looking for the perfect birthday e-card for your boss…

We're thinking this one...


2. Like seeing the first rosy pinks of dawn in the wee hours of the morning…

I didn't take this, but I wish I had! (source)

3. Like getting the latest freebie from outside the train station…

I haven't tried it yet...but the "sparkling" part scares me a bit, haha.

4. Like finally being able to read leisure books…and two in a week!

My latest far so good.

5. Like being able to spend time in your beautiful city…

Sweet Home Chicago

I Want to Know: Any literature suggestions?


5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things Thursday

  1. Ooooh…gotta love freebies! I’ve been reading lots of young adult fiction, because that’s one of my favourite genres. But that last adult book that I read was Water For Elephants in June. Love that book!

  2. I have been super busy–hopefully will get a chance to message you soon, but I have been creepin’ on your blog a bit when I get a second 😉 Anyways, I started Water for Elephants but wasn’t crazy about it, so I stopped it. However, I picked up a good looking book in the library “Riding Lessons” and then realized it was by the same author. I started reading it and wasn’t sure what I thought of it, but persevered past the first few chapters and found myself engrossed 🙂 Also read the sequel to it “Flying Changes” I highly recommend them (with a few moral reservations, but you’ll find out what I mean…)!! HOpe you’re having an awesome summer!! More to come soon…

  3. LOL love that e-card!!! I’m guessing your boss has a good sense of humor?
    I recommend “Interview with a Vampire…” it’s not juvenile like Twilight though, I have to warn you…

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