10 Reasons Why I’m Proud to Be American

Happy 4th of July! I hope you’re enjoying great weather and fireworks.

Yesterday I went to an early 4th of July celebration and saw fireworks there. My favorite kind are the ones that look like weeping willows.

Fireworks last year in Lake Como, Italy...never have I felt so American than when I wasn't in America.

If you’re at all interested in my last summer’s adventures, you can take a look here.

But, I’m really blessed to have been born in this country and with the freedom that I have, so I present:

10 Reasons Why I’m Proud to be American

1. We like our space.

Sometimes you just really don’t want to be the unwilling third party listener to a conversation about bowel movements from the table next to you at a restaurant. Or maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. To each his own.

Costco...where said Band-aids were purchased.

2. We sell things in bulk.

Why yes, I do need 200 Band-aids. Especially during a hot summer in Europe, where it’s apparently okay to charge 5 euro for 10 generic bandaids.

3. We love to exercise. To a fault.

Yes, I’m probably a gym rat. Yes, I’m probably proud of it. Yes, I get incredibly excited when a hotel I’m staying at has a gym (with that nice cold water machine). And we even have gyms on cruise ships.

A notepad I have from my mother. The (organic) apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

4. We do organic like nobody’s business.

Paying high prices for organic food at swanky grocery stores like Whole Foods? Don’t mind if I do (I’ll take 3 kombuchas while you’re at it).

People used to mistake my sister and I for twins...we always thought they were craaaazy.

5. We have not one, but TWO theme parks from the great Walt Disney.

When Mickey Mouse is recognized by kids all over the world, and Italians call him affectionately, “Topolino” (little mouse), you know you’ve got a good thing.

Enjoy the mirror shot...I got this dress on sale at the Gap. Score.

6. We frequently have sales in retail stores. As in “frequently,” I mean pretty much 24/7.

Frequent inner dialogue in America:

“Ooo, cute dress. How much?”

“Eh, $30. I’ll wait till it goes on sale.”


Frequent inner dialogue (from an alternate universe where Claire is Italian) in Italy:

“Ooo, cute dress. How much?”

“Eh, 30 Euro…might as well buy it, it’s not getting any cheaper*.”

(*Okay, okay, so they do have biannual sales in Europe, but really, I don’t understand why they don’t have regular sales. Why? Why?)

Illinois' State Quarter

7. We have exactly 50 states. How’s that for a nice, round number?

It also allows you to collect $12.50 in state quarters over a span of 10 years, which are now currently chilling on your bookshelf. But seriously, what if we had 51 states…that’s. not. even. (Puerto Rico, don’t go getting any ideas.)

THE best peanut butter ever.

8. Two words: Peanut Butter.

Thanks to George Washington Carver, peanut butter has become the staple in every American’s diet. (Unless, of course, you’re allergic. Then I hope it’s not a staple in your diet.)

In fact, as a child, I abhorred peanut butter AND jelly sandwiches. Only creamy pb would do. Then I discovered nutella. I’m surprised that my mother let me pack pb and nutella sandwiches every day for lunch. Maybe because it was on whole wheat bread?

Pb is also delicious on apples with cinnamon, sweet potatoes, and my personal favorite, mixed with honey on Cheez-Its. Weird? Yes. Delicious? You bet.

9. We’ve got great idioms of the English language in America.

Where else can you talk about :

– “white on rice,”

– “with a grain of salt,”

– “piece of cake,”

– “as easy as pie,”

– “jump the gun,”

– “kill two birds with one stone,”

– “beat a dead horse” (I say this one a lot, but thinking about it, it’s rather awful), “by the skin of your teeth,”

– “cut it out,”

– “it’s raining cats and dogs…”

I could go on forever, but I’ll spare you.

The Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge

10. Our patriotism.

Even though you may not agree with current politics, at the end of  the day, every can come together and celebrate how fortunate we are to be free. God Bless America!

Why do you love America? What are some of your favorite idioms?



3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m Proud to Be American

  1. Oh, those are my favourite fireworks too! I love watching them kind of ooze down, and then I love that they’re etched upon my eyes when I blink. So pretty. Happy fourth!

  2. I love idioms! My mum makes them up all the time, and then tries to pretend they’re real sayings. A (real!) one that always creeped me though was ‘keep your eyes peeled’. Think about it a moment …Ew.

    I will always be grateful to the US for peanut butter!

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