It’s the Little Things Thursday

Happy almost Friday!

So, apparently this is becoming my weekly post, huh? I must discredit my lack of posting by the fact that there was a major power outage here from a small tornado. Quite exciting until you realize the internet doesn’t work when the power’s out. Whoops.

If you missed the past two installments of “It’s the Little Things,” see here and here.

It’s the Little Things

Like getting a seat on the train that faces another…the perfect place for you purse or foot.

And in this case, it was my foot. Bwahaha.

Ahh...just hope no one creepy comes and sits across from you. Now that's awkward.


Like realizing that A) Dove is trying to tell you that you’re eating too much chocolate (what? How is that even possible?), or B) Dove has run out of things to say…when you get the word “indulge” on two chocolate wrappers in a row.

How nice that the wrapper's signed, "Love, Dove." At least I know something loves me. Kidding. Just kidding.

Or maybe I should take that as a suggestion. No really, you don't have to pull my leg.

Like being handed a free organic apple at work just because.

There was an extra apple. Guess who got it?

Like sitting down at the end of the day and thinking to yourself, “I love my life,” while having a momentary bout of amnesia concerning the fact that you just sat in front of a computer all day and analyzed data.

I love my life.


7 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things Thursday

  1. I love ITLTT! Okay, that’s an awkward acronym, but it’s a great sentiment. And I love that you love your life, that’s such an uplifting message. We all need to appreciate what we’ve got more often!

  2. Hee, I like this series. Even though I’m reading it many days after. It’s a great outlook to give thanks for even the little things in our lives…and there’s always plenty to be found!

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