“It’s the Little Things” Thursday

Having been overcome by the happy bug (all day…which never really happens), I spent yesterday jotting down the little things that day that made me happy. And it really is the little things.

I’ve decided that I’ll do a ITLT post every Thursday, just in time for the weekend.

And so, the first installment.

It’s the Little Things

Orange Spice Tea

I picked Orange Spice Tea to have in the morning at work. Just the right hint of spices, reminding me pleasantly of the fall.


I’m always touched by the kindness of the people giving away newspapers as I come out of the train station. They are always happy and upbeat, greeting everyone with a smile and a “Have a nice day!” even though the people they’re greeting are all high-up corporate America hotshots. It’s a refreshing air of optimism.

Free Peanuts

Free food. Specifically, free peanuts. Thank goodness I got two packets because later on that day, I’d have a peanut debacle. But that’s a story for another post.

Now it’s time to share your “little things.” What made you happy today?



6 thoughts on ““It’s the Little Things” Thursday

  1. love. this. it really is the little things that seem to make the biggest impact on my day! especially kindness of strangers. i think too often i can focus on people being rude for no reason – but i’d rather remember all of the friendly people out there!

  2. You’re very fortunate for getting those free peanuts. I love peanuts, eating the actual nuts is even better than peanut butter.

  3. I love this idea! What made me happy today was breakfast with my housemates and getting a new roll of film back from being developed :D.

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