I Love Coffeeshops: Part II

I sneakily named the previous post, “Part I,” because I was secretly planning on returning to the Orange Cat soon. Really soon. In fact, I went twice in one weekend.

I had just one more final to study for, and I needed to get some quality reading done. As in 150 pages of personality theory. And formulate answers to essay questions. And write an essay (okay, okay, more like a “short response”).

What a wonderful textbook...

On Saturday I packed up some essentials: water bottle, textbook, notebook, pen, roommate, you know, everything to help me study, and drove over to the Orange Cat. And because I apparently cannot see anything, I ordered the “Um, cherry…tea, the uh, green tea…”

“You mean the green cherry rose tea?” the girl at the counter exasperatedly punctuated.

“Haha, um, yes.”

Green Cherry Rose Tea

Oh look, and who’s that in the background?

Oh look, it's Jake!

He was a quality distraction from studying.

I was also a bit hungry, so I ordered this falafel salad:

They said the falafel was baked, but unless I was born yesterday, it was most definitely fried. It was good, but the salad would have been 1,000x infinitely better had it had hummus on it.

I have to admit, I was a bit jealous of my roommate’s artichoke salad:

And then quality studying was done.

Enter Sunday afternoon. The day of epic fails.

I packed up everything like before, PLUS my trusty Mac, and was eagerly anticipating finishing the paper. We ordered (“Egyptian chamomile” tea for me, although as previously mentioned, I can’t see, so”Egyptian” probably wasn’t the modifier, it was probably something less exotic, like “elegant” or “New England”…), and we ran back into the room with the comfy couches, only to find…a gaggle of teenage girls had taken it over.

Epic Fail #1. 

So we relinquished ourselves to the front room, in these dark leather library chairs:

This is what I want in my library at home…

 It was all going well until the coffeeshop girls starting talking to two teenage boys who were loafing around. Please. Keep your flirting to a minimum whilst I’m trying to do work. Thank you.

Epic Fail #2.

After about, oh, I don’t know, TEN minutes after we ordered and had just gotten settled, the coffeeshop girl comes over and says, “Ladies, I don’t know if you’re aware, but we close at 3. Just to let you know.”

I glanced at my watch. 2:58 pm.

Epic Fail #3.

So we packed up our tea and drove to the only other place we knew that had free Wifi and wasn’t 20 miles away: the grocery store’s cafe. But it did the trick and it really wasn’t bad listening to the munching of people eating their subs or the enthusiastic cries of the little toddler attempting to fit a rather large piece of melon in her mouth or the exorbitant amount of makeup the Fox newscasters were wearing (am I the only one that thinks this? Maybe it was just a HD tv…).

No seriously, it wasn’t bad. I got my paper done and everything! And by the time you read this, I’ll have finished my last exam!

And in other news: I made a Twitter account! Follow me @ClaireUBelloA .

What was the last epic fail you experienced?


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