I Love Coffeeshops, Part 1

So…who likes coffee?

I know, me neither. 😉

Actually, I quite enjoy tea, but I do like mocha-flavored things, like chocolate covered espresso beans.

Wow...so shiny...and I wish I were eating these right now. (source)

Anyway, I also quite enjoy cute coffee shops (don’t get me wrong, I love SBUX too). In the little town next to my college, there’s a coffee shop called The Orange Cat (that I wish I had gone to more early on…you always discover the best things right as you’re about to leave them, right?). It’s super cute on the inside. It used to be a historic house, so it’s got that “old house” sort of feeling (am I the only one that experiences this?).

Just look at all those happy people drinking their coffee. (source)

Just before Easter, my sister came up to visit me and she liked it so much that we went not once, but twice to the little coffeehouse. And we probably would have gone more, had she stayed longer. And had we more money. And had we more time. And had we emptier stomachs. And had we…okay, so the list could go on and on.

Their tea selection is kept in glass jars behind the counter, so you either A) have to have 20/20 vision to read the jar labels, or B) really know what you want already. I qualified as neither option, so this involved me awkwardly shuffling back and forth, leaning into the counter, and disrupting other patrons just. so. I. could. read. the. teas. It was quite a challenge.

I selected what I thought was lemon-tangerine white tea, but the girl behind the counter corrected me, “You want the lemon Tangiers tea?”

Oh. Yeah. Remember, I can’t see?

So, lemon-Tangiers tea it was.

Aren't the tea sleeves so cute stamped with their logo?

Since we came late in the day, their homemade baked good selection was a bit waning, so we chose the cinnamon-raisin scone to split. Delicious.

And after approximately 16 hours, we stopped by again. Guess what? I couldn’t read the teas. However, as I was straining to read them, one caught my eye. The print expanded (probably to the size of the “E” on the eye chart…and what I can read) and I saw the magic words: “Icewine Tea.”

Umm…icewine tea? Remember my foray with icewine? Yes, please.

The face of someone truly enamored with her tea.

Wanna take a closer look? It looks just like...tea.

As you can see, splitting a pastry again just wasn’t going to cut it. We did the halvsies approach: she orders one thing, I order another, and we split. This goes way back with us, when we used to order chicken nuggets in our Happy Meals. We would open our boxes and meticulously split open each nugget, dividing them by white or dark meat. She’d get the dark, I’d get the white. Though, they were never any good anyway. Gross.

The baked goods selection that morning was spectacular. I asked the girl at the counter (thankfully a different girl than the day before…how embarrassing…but not really) what each thing was. She started listing off “vanilla chip scone, blueberry muffin, apricot walnut…” Woah. As soon as she said “apricot” I stopped listening to whatever else she was saying. I impatiently waited for her litany of pastries to finish, whilst thinking the whole time, “Ooo, apricot. I love apricots. How could I pass this one up? I just want to eat it now. With my icewine tea. I hope it’s good.”

Apricot Walnut Scone

My sister was fascinated by the lemon poppyseed muffin because A) it was lemon poppyseed, B) it was a muffin, and C) it had a huge avalanche of a muffin top hanging over it’s unassuming wrapper. You know, gotta get the most for your money.

Definitely an apocalyptic muffin if I ever saw one...

It was just so delicious. So delicious that I just might stop there again this weekend…

What’s your favorite coffeeshop?


5 thoughts on “I Love Coffeeshops, Part 1

  1. Now I’m craving chocolate covered espresso beans. Not sure of any time when those aren’t good.
    My favorite coffee shop is this little local place, you’ve probably never heard of it, called Starbucks.

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