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It’s time for a wine tour! I organized a wine tour for one of my clubs here on campus last weekend. We went to four wineries in Canada (passports, everyone), including an organic one!

First stop: Inniskillin Wineries

Can you spy the “Inniskillin” on the wine barrels?

The winery was named after a town in Ireland, “Eniskillen,” but the vintner was actually Austrian. Their specialty is icewine; have you ever heard of it? Before coming to college and moving up here, I’d never heard of it, but it. is. heaven.

They make it using grapes that have frozen on the vine. They have to harvest the grapes at night so that they can certify their wine as “icewine.”

Icewine grapes from last season...still on the vine

More grapes!

They showed us where they made the wine (unfortunately they weren’t making any then), and then took us to their (chilly) wine cellar.

I had to pose by the beautiful door

The winery was really architecturally beautiful, incorporating ArtDeco and Frank Lloyd Wright (Chicago, represent!) designs.

My roommate found the perfect size wine bottle to feed her addiction:

She looks longingly at the bottle...

Then they showed us their fancy-pants tasting table:

I'd like to taste wine there!

They use French wine barrels to age the wine. As soon as I heard "oak," I knew I was going to like the wine.

After the tour, it was TASTING TIME! We got to try three wines: a white, red, and icewine, in that order. It was only supposed to be a tasting, but our tour guide had a heavy hand with the pouring!

2009 Riesling Gewurztraminer - very smooth!

2008 Merlot-Cabernet - smelled like cheese, tasted like tobacco...not good.

2007 Riesling Icewine - incredibly sweet and complex...I loved it!

On a sweetness scale of 0 – 30, this icewine was a 24. The other two wines were 0, for comparison.

My roomie and I...before we even tasted our icewine. We didn't know what was in store for us...

Next up was Frongpond Farms, the organic winery.

It was a cute little farm, with quail and dogs running all over.

I had a sip of the red icewine here; I think it was even better than the white!

I also tried a Vidal white wine...

The next winery wasn’t a winery at all, but rather a retail shop. It wasn’t even worth talking about.

The last winery was in a fancy-pants chateau. We were brought to a private tasting room and given free samples.

2009 Riesling - smooth, just like the first one.

I had random sips of other people’s wine, but no icewine, as it was $7.00 for a sample.

It was beautiful weather and the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Have you ever been on a wine tour? Have you ever had icewine? Educate me, people.


6 thoughts on “Weinland

  1. We usually go on a wine tour every Feb and we didn’t this year-youre making me want to go research some! Looks like a great time! Cheers!

  2. Hola! 🙂
    I love a good wine tour! My family and I vacationed in Napa about 4 years ago and it was amazing! I’d go back any day!
    Icewine – all I know is that I don’t like it! I was given some very nice icewine from this guy that I dated once upon a time. Yuck! Not my style. Him, or the wine. It was the last time I saw him 🙂

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