Hiking the Gorge

Happy almost-Wednesday!

This past weekend was super fun, made possible by (viewers like you…kidding) 50% great weather (WNY finally realizes yes, it IS spring), 30% great company (love you, roomies), and 20%…wine. Yes, I went wine-tasting this weekend. But more on that tomorrow.

On Saturday and Sunday, I wore shorts! Shorts are my hands-down favorite piece of clothing (is that weird?). While we’re at it, I want these:


If anyone has $78 + s&h they want to lend me, send me an email…

But back to the weekend. Campus is right near a gorge, which makes for a great hiking trail. There are so many steps, many of them “drunk steps,” as my friend said, because they tilt dangerously sideways. As we were hiking up them, we passed a little girl who, once she reached the top, shouted, “There’s 264 stairs!” Eugh. That’s something to look forward to.

Three of us decided to hike the gorge on that “gorge-ous” day (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). Can it get any better than this?


Op, there's some of campus up there!

They certainly had a creative person name this rock...clearly "Big Rock" is so subtle, yet so...obvious.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Hiking the Gorge

  1. What a beautiful lake! What is it about water? It seems almost instinctive to find it beautiful. I giggled at the Big Rock. They probably paid some PR guy big bucks to name it. Actually, it was probably a team of PR guys who workshopped the name. Ha!

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