The German Dinner Party

Guten Abend!

This past Sunday my roommates and I had our bimonthly country-themed dinner. This week’s dinner?


I visited Germany last summer and will be going to live there for a year starting in the fall. I’m super excited but a little concerned about the lack of hummus and peanut butter there…. 😦

We were all a bit confused over what to make, since our eclectic group contains two former vegetarians, one current vegetarian, and one flexitarian (don’t you just love labels?). Obviously any kind of Wurst was out of the picture, and so was Rotkohl and Sauerkraut, by request of one roomie.

I decided to hit up the ethnic aisle at the grocery store to see what I could find. What I really wanted to buy were these. Oh Manner wafers, how I love thee (and at this point I could launch into a love poem to airberlin, but I’ll try to contain myself). But Lent is still in the picture, so unfortunately that was a no go. However I did find this, which sparked a great idea in my mind.

Ooo, ahh, a hearty German bread. When I opened the package, I found it adorable that the bread was very thinly sliced; like half of the width of a typical piece of sandwich bread.

Ever since I went to the DC Wine bar over break, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of appetizer platters. At the wine bar, we were served crostini and assorted cheeses on a butcher’s block, with the addition of grissini (thin Italian breadsticks), Marcona almonds, and apricot-Merlot jam. WoOow.

I was also inspired by charcuterie platters…mostly because I think I really like butcher’s blocks. It’s quite unfortunate that I don’t eat meat, with all this charcuterie-hype going on.

Note to self: Don't do an image search on "charcuterie" if you're not prepared to see a slew of cured meat.

So, I took a German take on the charcuterie platter and plated up the bread, raw onions, mustard, thinly sliced tomato, some deli meat (for my non-veggie friends) and some cheeses (one of which was French, but we won’t tell, will we?).


My wonderfully talented roomie made “Himmel und Erd,” a mixture of potatoes, caramelized onions, and apples. It was so delicious that I didn’t even get a picture of it.

True story: As I was eagerly scraping my bowl, I suddenly exclaimed, "Oh man, I forgot to take a picture!" I know, what an epically thrilling story...

And to cap it all off, the fantastic roomie made a Linzer torte. The crust was amazing. Walnuts, Grapenuts (they gave it a fantastic texture), and flour…so good. I didn’t say no to splitting the last piece.

Ask me why this picture looks so funky and I'll tell you I don't know...

It was a delicious meal with good company. The only thing that would have made it better was if I were handing out these:

Chocolate. Enough said.

What’s your favorite German food? Have you ever been to Germany?


2 thoughts on “The German Dinner Party

  1. that linzer torte looks AWESOME!!
    my friend had a foreign exchange student from Germany and i got to try those chocolates that were handed out… amazing, right?!
    i haven’t ever eaten German food, so i don’t have a favorite… so i’ll just live through this post:)

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