A Hibachi Adventure

Happy Sunday everyone!

Last weekend I went out with some of my friends to celebrate one friend’s 21st birthday at a hibachi grill (the unfortunate part was that my friend forgot to bring her ID…awkward).

My friend was most enthused about going to a hibachi grill, but I was a little hibachi-ed out. (Why you ask? Oh you know, just because for every. single. high school dance. we went to a hibachi grill. I’m pretty sure I’ve got mad hibachi skills now. Just saying.) Nevertheless, I immediately checked the menu, looking for the one glorious item I’ve been dying to have ever since I ate it last year at a sushi restaurant:


And they had it. I’m pretty sure all my roommates thought I was off-the-rocker when I kept gleefully exclaiming how happy I was that they had seaweed salad. What? It’s so tasty.

We all piled into two cars, drove to the restaurant, and promptly waited for 40 minutes, during which I amused myself by, gasp, reading the menu again (it was utterly fascinating, no joke, and I’m sure I alarmed the people waiting around us by my exclamations in praise of seaweed salad). And also learning about the geography of NY state.

Finally we were seated around the grill, but the way it was set up, there were two grills inside a square, enough to seat two parties. Guess where I ended up?

Oh hey, hibachi man's back...

I felt more akin to the party across from me, who I kept trying to figure out. A couple and a friend, with their children? Three random coworkers and three random teenagers? It was quite engrossing. And quite shocking when the party stood up to leave, and one of the women who had been drinking wine WAS PREGNANT. Really? Hmmm…

Beautiful place setting

I had already chosen what I wanted from the menu (hello…that was a quality hour spent looking at it): edamame, seaweed salad, and a sweet potato roll.

First up, the steamed and salted edamame:

I LOVE edamame, but I try to stay away from soy, so this was a special treat! Apparently this was sized for sharing…sharing with myself! (okay, sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Then I saw it, the seaweed salad. It was placed in front of me, in slow motion, with angelic music playing in the background and a huge grin across my face. Maybe.

I decided to go all Herb Kelleher (or Arthur Laffer) and compose a haiku in honor of it on the back of my paper napkin:

A tasty salad,

Your neon green hue is odd,

It’s not easy being green.

Clearly all great things (i.e. Southwest and the Laffer Curve) start on the back of a paper napkin. Anyone know a publisher?

At this point the chef did all his rigamarole (which I couldn’t see…seeing the back of him was QUITE fascinating) which I tried to capture (though the pictures look like they were taken with a disposable film camera, haha).

Onion Volcano!

But soon I got tired of taking pictures of different angles of the hibachi chef’s back, so I switched to the awkward party across from me, when their hibachi chef arrived:

I mean, don't they look absolutely thrilled?

Finally my sweet potato roll arrived, and it was delicious. Hard to eat, but delicious. The sweetness and creaminess of the sweet potato was an excellent combination for the soy sauce and sesame seeds.

It was quite the ending to a meal, though I kept waiting for the fortune cookies. Apparently that’s a Chinese, not Japanese, thing. Whoops. I placated myself by coming home and reading the fortune that’s on my wall: “Those who seek will find(which sounds suspiciously like a Bible quote…).

I sought the seaweed salad and I found. Excellent.

Have you ever been to a hibachi grill? Do you like Japanese food?


4 thoughts on “A Hibachi Adventure

  1. I looooooove Japanese food. I’m not sure what hibachi grill is…is it the same as teppanyaki? If it IS the same…then I love it! 🙂

  2. I wonder what kind of seaweed hibachi has, cos i want to know what kind before i try eating it.

    • I’m not sure exactly what seaweed goes in there, but I’m sure that that bright green color is NOT natural, haha. It really doesn’t taste that fishy at all; you should try it!

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