Sweet Potato Puddin’

Happy Almost Friday!

So this morning at the gym my legs kept shouting out, “You crazy! You crazy, girl!”

(Two things: 1. Should I have been worried that my legs apparently have the voice of a rapper from the ‘hood?, and 2. Should I have been worried that my legs were shouting?)

I attribute this to the fact that I went to a class at the gym called “Plyometrics,” which is basically INSANITY, just without Shaun T. and people with 0% body fat (okay, that’s an exaggeration, haha).


Oh hey, Shaun…

It was my third time taking the class and my muscles weren’t sore, per say, they were just tired. Poor muscles…Then I came home and made chocolate avocado pudding and everything was just dandy.

Speaking of pudding, I made this awesome sweet potato pudding last week, inspired by The Smart Kitchen’s Sweet Potato Nutty Butter. I was feeling all creative, so I baked a sweet potato, then added a tablespoon or two of Mighty Maple pb, some almond milk, and some spices to the food processor and gave it a whirl. I’ve never had sweet potato pie, but this pudding was the bomb! See for yourself:

Wow, super delicious!

Speaking of Mighty Maple, let’s talk about this for bit. Are you a fan of PB&Co.’s peanut butter? I hear about them all the time on the blogosphere (I feel awkward saying that…), and so I get really excited to try them, but when I do, I just. don’t. like. them.

I’ve tried three so far: Dark Chocolate Dreams (I thought it tasted a bit like plastic), Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl (I was put off by the chewy raisins and the hard bits of sugar), and Mighty Maple (I was expecting a bit more of a maple flavor punch).

But on a POSITIVE note…

I haven’t tried any of their peanut butters without the evaporated cane sugar in it, so maybe I’d like those better, but for now I’m just sticking with the plain grocery store brand.

And now, the return of the outfit post (I know you were all just dying for them…yeah right)! The blouse was a birthday gift from my mother, after the one we were sewing together over Christmas break was, um, compromised (Note to self: mini irons may make pressing seams easier, but they also make burning holes into synthetic fabrics easier, too).


Sometimes I find it awkward to look straight into the camera...looking airily away is always a good bet.

Blouse: New York & Co.

Skirt: H&M

Camisole: Nordstrom

Do you like PB&Co.’s peanut butter? (Tell me I’m not the only one…)


2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Puddin’

  1. That pudding looks amazing. NEED to try that!
    I actually enjoy PB&Co; the kinds I’ve had anyway! I’d say they’re more of a “treat” for me, though; they’re too pricey for me to actually buy myself! I’ll usually just make my own or buy the store brand for $2. Good enough for me!

  2. Pudding. Sweet potatoes. Maple. You had me at hello! I’ve never even thought of turning sweet potatoes into pudding! What a brilliant idea!

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