The Quest for Cupcakes

I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend!

Today marks the first day in Raw Week 2 (technically, it really starts tomorrow, but I’m not down with the whole European calendar, so I cut one of my non-raw weeks short and am starting early), so I’ve been chopping, mixing, and dehydrating up a storm to make snacks and prep easier this week.

Last night I went to a hibachi grill to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but more on that later this week!

Today I wanted to share with you the very last of my pictures from my spring break. Click on these links if you missed Part 1 or Part 2 (and hypothetically, there would have been Part 4+, but I epically failed at taking pictures…whoops!).

Before the trip I had found out that BabyCakesNYC opened up a store in Downtown Disney…woohoo, a vegan bakery amid some admittedly not-so-vegan dessert choices in the rest of the parks. We wandered down to Downtown Disney one afternoon to “peruse the shops,” but let’s not kid here, my number one object was to get one of those cupcakes.

Sidenote: Despite all the current cupcake hype in the US, I’ve never had a cupcake from a bakery. And actually, I’ve never thought about that fact until now. Weird.

When I hear "cupcakes," this is what I think of...nasty grocery-store cupcakes (the ones with neon frosting are even worse!)

Sidenote 2: Despite all the current cupcake hype in the US, I don’t, um, really like…cupcakes. Okay, there. I said it. I’m just not a fan. I’d rather eat dates.

Now that's what I'm talking about...

Anyway, where were we (or more correctly, where was I)? Ah yes, we were strolling along and meanwhile I was scouring every hidden nook and cranny to find the shop, but I just couldn’t. I was heartbroken (no, really, I don’t think my heart works even now…), until we, by chance, decided to stop and get coffee/tea. And wouldn’t you know, inside a unassuming building was housed BabyCakes! Triumph!

Please tell me how anyone would know BabyCakes existed inside this building?

After perusing (wow, apparently I like this word so much that I’m using it two times in one post!) the selection, I decided on the brownie cupcake, while my sister chose pumpkin, and my mother, against my urgings, chose lemon.

Is it just me or does anything flavored lemon just taste nasty in a baked good?

And now the goods:

The trio...

They had recycled plates and biodegradable silverware! I was in heaven.

Pumpkin Cupcake with "Cream Cheese" frosting

Brownie Cupcake

Lemon Cupcake

After sampling all of them, I deemed my chocolate brownie cupcake as the best (a completely unbiased opinion, I assure you). It was a bit crumbly, but it had a good chocolatey taste and brownie-like consistency. The pumpkin cupcake came in second, with a nice crumb and flavor, but nothing special. The lemon cupcake came in dead last (as I predicted and later reminded my mother of, after she complained of the taste). It wasn’t very lemony and was rather dry.

All in all, the cupcakes were good, but they were good for being vegan, not good for being cupcakes. I know baking gluten-free AND vegan is rather tough, but I’d rather have a vegan cupcake than a GF one.

And one last look at the winner:

Have you ever had anything from BabyCakes? What did you think?

Have you ever had any vegan or GF baked goods? What’s your take on them?


5 thoughts on “The Quest for Cupcakes

  1. I think we’d get along well. I’d way rather have a (peanut butter and chocolate chip stuffed) date over a cupcake any day 😛 Granted, I always think of the sketchy ones from grocery store bake shops, too, lol. Maybe I should give “real” cupcakes a chance.
    Glad you were able to find BabyCakes, though. I’ve never been. Which isn’t surprising since I live in the boondocks.
    And hey; no picking on lemon. Lemon poppyseed muffins are probably my favorite ever 😉

  2. Hi Claire,

    I LOVE reading your blog!! I haven’t been to BabyCakes in NYC but did you know she has a book/recipe book too?

    Also, you haven’t posted any outfits in a while….


  3. I like the way you put this: “they were good for being vegan, not good for being cupcakes”. I find that I need to move completely away from trying to replicate non-vegan foods with vegan ingredients, because I usually end up disappointed.

    If you like chocolate, the BEST recipe for a chocolate dessert is in the book How It All Vegan (vegan cookbook…if you don’t have it, borrow it from the library). It’s called chocolate pudding cake, I think. Sooooo good!

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