Around the World’s Cuisines in 4 Days

Part 2 of a very short series of vacation posts (in case you missed the incredibly mind-blowing [yeah right] Part 1, click here).

The remaining nights (after eating at Morocco), we ate in the Biergarten in Germany, the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom, and Via Napoli in Italy.

The Biergarten has a surprising number of veggie options, including this great tomato salad. Among the delicious veggie options were:

  • Bayrischer Kraut Salat (Bavarian Cabbage Salad)
  • Rote Beete Salat (Pickled Red Beet Salad)
  • Bohnen Salat (Assorted Bean Salad)
  • Gebratene Kartoffeln mit frischen Krautern (Roasted Potatoes with fresh Herbs)
  • this amazing Apricot Chutney that I ate for dessert again because it was just that good

And this is when I wished I took pictures of it all. But please enjoy someone else’s picture of the delicious pretzels they have:


My dad also had the German beer flight, which I sampled as well (as German beer is the only beer I like). I preferred the third darkest, called “Altenmünster Oktoberfest.”

The Tusker House was delicious. I could have eaten there for every meal. It was a vegetarian’s paradise!

The buffet included:

  • Hummus and lavash
  • Mango Ajar, Blatjang Chuntney, and Mixed Dried Fruit Sambal (which was rather spicy from the addition of whole peppercorns)
  • Green Bean and Onion Salad
  • Tabbouleh
  • Marrakesh Couscous with Roasted Vegetables
  • Oven-roasted Yukon Gold Potato Wedges
  • and various other types of couscous and rice that I didn’t try because I just don’t really like couscous or rice

But look at this baby:

This chocolate mango bread was delicious…not too sweet.

Finally, at Via Napoli I had a simple salad with fennel. It was pretty good but nothing special.

For lunch the last day we headed back to Morocco, to the Tangerine Cafe, which I think has better food than the restaurant.


Tabbouleh, hummus, lentil salad, olive salad, couscous...


Whenever I hear hummus or falafel or anything that has to do with chickpeas, I always think of a youtube video that’s been watched hundreds of times by nearly every member of my family.

Watch the video, and you’ll have the song in your head for hours. (Be forewarned, he also has songs for tabbouleh, hummus, and a whole slew of other things. Great time waster!)

What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine?


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