The End of RAW Week 1

We’ve survived! My roommates are no longer planning a mutiny against me, but are instead sweetly contemplating coffee first thing in the morning. Whew.

And the verdict? It wasn’t that bad…in fact, it pretty much was nearly normal eating for me (thank god for condiments).

The PROS (because everyone wants to hear the good news first)

This whole x1000 (source)

– I have never eaten so much spinach in a week in my whole life.

– I discovered that raw cauliflower DOES taste good.

– I also discovered a tasty salad with sundried tomatoes, dried cherries, olives (total condiment), and sliced apples at a swanky-and-otherwise-decidedly-NON-raw reception.

– My roommates still like me.


The CONS (because everyone likes to hate the bad guy)

– My grocery budget hates me.

– Spinach smoothies would blend so much better with almond milk than water.

– I really miss my hummus.

With that being said, I’ll share my absolute favorite cooked combo with hummus:







(please, please excuse the horrible photo…I was just so hungry)

Seriously, this is deliciousness in three little bites. So good. If you’ve never tried sweet potatoes in a savory combination, you totally should. Crazy delicious.

See who was creeping in the background?


And he reminds me suspiciously of this guy:


I hope you have a wonderful start to your week! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The End of RAW Week 1

  1. When I went raw (for about 3 months last year) my grocery bill def hated me for the first month and then it actually mellowed out (after you buy all the big stuff)…I try to eat as much raw as possible still though-the benefits are through the roof!

  2. There’s an answer to your problems: homemade almond milk using raw almonds. Almond milk is so easy to make, and it tastes much better than anything you can buy! Just soak almonds for a few hours, then blend them with water and a few dates for sweetness. Run it through cheese cloth (or a coffee filter) and enjoy!

    I agree…raw eating really is expensive!

  3. Make your own almond milk, a pound bag of raw almonds makes about 6 quarts of almond milk. You can add dates, vanilla, cinnamon etc. Plus it tastes SO much better.

    Make zucchini hummus. Switch out chickpeas for zucchini, make like you normally would and it’s delicious. I have no patience for sprouting the chickpeas. 😛

    • I wish my little food processor was powerful enough to make almond milk, but I don’t think it is…but the zucchini hummus is a great idea! I was hesitant, too, to sprout the chickpeas, so I’ll have to give your version a try!

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