A French Dinner Party: Bienvenue!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a sunshiny day (it’s not here, but I’m not complaining…as long as it’s not raining)!

For the second dinner in our international dinner party series, we chose France, as two of the four of us had studied abroad in Angers (if you missed the first part of the series, click here!).

We planned a simple yet elaborate supper of freshly baked baguettes, artisan cheese, plump grapes, and French wine to be eaten outdoors under the shade of the leafy oaks, but unfortunately the weather kept us inside. (Disclaimer: the above statement may or may not be true…you know, the above is so typical of four college kids in an apartment…)

To keep our pocketbooks light (which we don’t even have…who carries those around anymore?) and our stomachs full, we had a simple supper of quiche, French bread, salad, and celery and broccoli with hummus (before you ask, hummus technically isn’t French, but it seems as if my roommate Katie [hi, iloveyoupleasedonthurtmeafterthisimonlykidding, sort of] had underestimated the amount of broccoli she had for the four of us and so she combined it with celery to make an appetizer instead of a side…typical).

A beautiful quiche with broccoli and cheese...due to my lactose intolerance, I only had a few bites, but it was delicious!

Look at how beautiful my roommate baked this French bread! Isn't she so talented?

Salad with mixed greens, celery, tomatoes, apple, and a lemon tahini dressing...

Katie's contribution immortalized...now we'll always remember her broccoli underestimation...

Yum, yum…it was quite delicious! We’ve already decided the next theme will be Germany!

In other news, I saw these on sale for $0.99 and couldn’t resist trying them:

Thankfully I did not choose the wasabi option, as it was the highest on the "heat scale" listed on the back of the package...

All stacked in little rows...

These were thin and crispy, but they really didn’t taste like sesame at all. They were kind of awkward to eat though, as the square was too big to put in your mouth all at once, but if you tried to break it, it just crumbled. So would I buy these again? Eh, maybe…it’s definitely not a must-buy, but it’s a fun product just to try.

Have you ever had dried seaweed? What’d you think?


I'd love to hear your thoughts...please share!

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