Part 1 of a very short series of vacation recaps…(of course not due to the fact that I neglected to take pictures 70% of the time…not at all).

We went to beautiful, sunny Orlando for a week, and we were lucky to have really nice weather; it only rained two days, and sporadic showers at that (and we all know my loathing of rain and being wet).

The first day we headed to EPCOT in Disney for dinner, but first we stopped at the tea garden in Japan for some green tea and sushi. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any vegetarian sushi, so I passed on that and instead took lovely pictures of the Japanese lanterns overhead.

We’d never eaten at the Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh, before; only at the cafe there, which has slightly different food. I had already perused the menu before the trip (who doesn’t like reading menus? Okay, so I can think of some people…I’m looking at you, Dad), and I was wildly excited about the baba ganouj. Wildy, I tell you.

After we were seated, we were brought half a piece of warm, fluffy bread. As much as I wanted to like it, I didn’t. It was too dry and tasteless for me (and now I sound like a food critic…let me lower my nose that was stuck up high in the air).

The best picture I could find, but it pretty much accurately describes the taste...


We ordered the Moroccan appetizer to split, which consisted of herbed carrots, herbed potatoes, cucumber and tomato salad, marinated olives, and a very salty sun-dried tomato spread.

See the offending bread? It's just creepin there in the corner...

For my main meal I ordered the Mediterranean Sampler, consisting of falafel, sun dried tomato hummus, baba ganouj, tabbouleh, and these wonderfully crisp and sweet lavash chips (I mean, they were delicious…fried, but still delicious).

In all its glory...

Ready for some closeups? I must warn you, the hummus and baba ganouj look as though someone spit them back up.


AVERT YOUR EYES NOW if you don’t enjoy viewing gross, slimy foods…

Baba Ganouj

Just for clarification, the puddle in the middle is olive oil...

Falafel...I liked how you could see the little coriander seeds in them...

As much as the loved ones in my life love falafel, I just…don’t. I tried, I really did. But I like hummus so much more. And falafel are kind of dry. (Apparently I have an issue with dryness in food.)

My sister had the vegetable couscous. She donated the cabbage to me, which, albeit a bit oily, was delicious.

How artfully arranged...

Hey there, little chickpea.

For dessert (we were going all out here, people), we shared the Bastilla, a square sheet of pastry atop a vanilla orange blossom sauce and topped with ribbons of pastry, sliced almonds, and sugar.

I had a few bites, but after it was sitting in the sauce for a while, it got really hard to break up, which made for pretty big bites. It was different than I expected; I was thinking it was going to be something along the lines of this:


It’s a Greek dessert made with kataifi pastry and cream that I had while I was in Greece. Nevertheless, it was tasty! Especially the orange blossom flavor; there were orange trees outside the restaurant and they perfumed the air. They smelled heavenly.

But the best part of the whole meal was the Moroccan tea I had: green tea poured over a fresh mint spring, which you then muddled. I saw a French man across the way with this tea earlier in the meal, and I immediately set my sights on it. The way they served the tea was interesting: the glass with the mint in it was placed in front of me, then the waiter poured hot green tea over the leaves from quite a height!

Muddling was definitely the best made me feel all mint-julep-in-the-Great-Gatsby.

All gone...

It was a good meal, but I definitely prefer the cafe. Their lentil salad and hummus is delicious.

Have you ever tried Moroccan food? Do you like it?


4 thoughts on “Mo-Rockin’

  1. Moroccan food is delicious. That tea really is beautiful! I keep thinking that I should be more “atmospheric” with the teas I drink…instead of just heating up the water in the microwave and plopping in a teabag.

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