Back to Reality

I’m back from vacation…and back to precipitation.

Boo for rain..

Summer come soon!

But for one glorious week I got to wear shorts every day. If there was one clothing item I’d have to wear for the rest of my life, it would have to be shorts. Love them. (Can you believe that there’s a “I ❤ my personal tutor” and “I ❤ my librarian,” but there’s no “I love my shorts?” Ha…)

Before I left for Florida,  I wanted to use up some bruised apples I had in the fridge, so I made a raw apple crumble. It was delicious, though some added pb would have taken it over the top.

Side view

Crust of dates, walnuts, cinnamon, and a little apple juice

I definitely prefer apples raw as opposed to cooked in pies or crumbles. Is that weird?

I’ll be recapping the vacation soon, but here are some photos of the beautiful Florida foliage I took:

What’s your favorite season? My is definitely fall, but right now I’ll take anything over snow and rain.

Apples: raw or cooked?


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