Making Collard Wraps

I’m on vacation! So I bring you a very un-vacation-like post:

I have been obsessed this week with making collard green wraps for lunch. Wait, that doesn’t sound delicious? I promise you it is. Let’s get all Gestaltist on it and say that the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

And boy, does it take a lot of parts. Here’s what you need:

2-3 collard greens (depending on the size)

2 small dill pickles, thinly sliced

cucumber, matchsticked

carrot, matchsticked

sliced red onion

0.25 of an avocado, sliced

tomato, thinly sliced (optional, but makes for a messier wrap)


nutritional yeast (again, optional)

Just wrap it up and you’re good to go! Okay, fine, I’ll show you a tutorial.

Wash your collard greens and remove stem.

Carefully shave off the top portion of the stem on the backside of the leaf (this is the part where you pretend you're a plastic surgeon)...

Slice up some pickles...

Lovingly place your cucumbers, carrots, and avocado on the collard...

Add your sliced red onions and pickles...


Now comes the hard part…wrapping it all up. Try not to have eyes that are bigger than your stomach and add too much filling, as this will hypothetically prompt wrap filling to spew all over the computer and your clothing during work and will lead you to frantically search for napkins that you forgot to bring. Hypothetically.

Pretend your a worker at Taco Bell and you're wrapping a burrito. A burrito made of vegetables. Crazy concept, I know...

Now fold up the bottom and the top...if you can fold up the bottom and roll up to the top, even better.

Fold over the top portion and flip over...

Tada! Congratulations, you've just made you're first you get to make TWO MORE!

And through the magic of the Internet, we have all three right here!

It's not easy being green...(or covered in mustard)

What are your favorite lunches lately?


I'd love to hear your thoughts...please share!

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