A Spanish Dinner Party: Bienvenida!

Aren’t dinner parties the best?

You get to clean the house, dirty up a whole bunch of pots and pans, and hound people to rsvp! Who wouldn’t want to do this everyday?

Okay, just kidding. I actually quite enjoy dinner parties and I was super lucky to have had to leave right after the conclusion, which opted me out of doing the dishes. (Thank you, roommates. I’m forever indebted. Just not so indebted that I’d wash all the dishes next time.)

We chose a Mexican/Spanish theme (partially based on what was in our cabinets) and each of us made something to bring, like a potluck. (However, in the case of one roomie who struggled with making ramen noodles, she did not cook. She chopped broccoli florets and poured chips in a bowl. So proud of her.)

The other two contributed homemade guac, which looked a lot like this:

Good ole guac...you always know what you're going to get.


And, get ready, salad with homemade garlic-lime vinaigrette, freshly baked cornbread, and black bean soup with a touch of wine. I don’t think I have to mention how happy I am to have roommates that share my affinity for cooking. (Replace “cooking” with “elf culture” and laugh. That’s only if you like the movie “Elf.” If you don’t like it, don’t laugh.)

We don't have a proper dinner table, so we got all cozy with our coffee table.

Delicious cornbread

We also had a special guest, Larry. “Welcome Larry…”

Larry, the cactus that never gives up...

I give him props for enduring what most plants wouldn’t, including sub-zero temperatures, unplowed sidewalks, constant fire alarms, and electric ovens. Oh wait, that was for me. Larry endures multiple plunges to the ground from his side table and very (VERY) infrequent waterings, even for a cactus. This is why I don’t enjoy gardening.

For dessert, I made a simple Mexican hot drinking chocolate (chocolate, cayenne, almond milk, water) and two types of raw truffles: dark Mexican hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough. There are no pictures of this delicious desserts, but rest assured, there will be more in the future.

Our next party? We’re going to France.


4 thoughts on “A Spanish Dinner Party: Bienvenida!

  1. Probably my favorite blog post of yours…EVER (until I read the part about not doing the dishes next time…tsk, tsk) 😉

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