Irish Soda Bust

I can’t wait for St. Paddy’s Day. No, not the green beer and wildy drunken students roaming campus, and not even the dying o’ the river green.

How I love thee, Chicago...


It’s the Irish Soda Bread. Yes, yes, I’m sure the bread I’m used to is nothing like what the native Irish ate, but let’s just pretend, shall we? I think what I like best about it are the golden raisins. They’re just so…tasty.

Anyway, I used to make an awesome soda bread in high school, but it had eggs and white flour in it. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have that recipe anymore (and it would take my mother ages to try to find it somewhere in her house). Well, that’s a bummer because that was a real winner.

So I searched online for a delightful recipe, which turned out to be not so delightful. I was expecting this:


Instead I got this:

Okay, so this doesn't look sooo bad...

I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t Irish soda bread. It was more like whole-wheat-crumbly-let’s-stick-to-the-skillet-even-though-she-greased-it-haha bread. The beloved golden raisins couldn’t even shine in this bread.

Do you want some?

It had some funky yellow-tinged browning going on on the top. Weird. Just weird. I made it through half the week and just couldn’t finish it, so I stuck it in the freezer. Who knows if it will every come out…

Anyone have a great vegan recipe for Irish soda bread?


5 thoughts on “Irish Soda Bust

  1. Wait…do they really dye the river? That’s probably a really stupid question and you’re laughing now, but…oh well. lol.
    I remember trying to get all festive and make Irish soda bread last year. It also came out AWFUL. At the time I thought it was really salty. Thinking about it now, I wonder if I used too much baking soda or something. Either way, it was a bad enough experience for me to not try it again since then, haha. I’ll wait for you to find a good recipe 😛

    • Haha, yes, they really do dye the river!

      I was totally going to ask you for the recipe for your French toast, but you beat me to it with your carrot cake ft. Thank you! Now the soda bread and come out of the freezer. Whew.

  2. That river looks crazy-I want to book a trip just so I can see it!!!!
    I’m petrified to make bread-so keep trying and let me know what kind of EASY recipe you come up with:) haha.

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