A Cereal Reunion

While in class the other day, innocently learning about budgets and other mundane, harmless things, I was suddenly struck with the urge to consume cereal. It wasn’t just any cereal, oh no. I wanted the cereal I’d eaten every single morning for the good portion of my life but hadn’t had in nearly two years.


Yes, I like boring cereal.


I started sweating and developed a nervous tick. I just wanted to run out of class and drive as fast as I could to the nearest grocery store and grab it off the shelves. But I restrained myself until class was over, found a coupon for the cereal, and then rejoiced when I saw it was on sale! Clearly this was a sign. I got two boxes.

I got home, filled a mug with half almond milk half water (yes, I am aware this is quite odd…I just wanted to emulate the texture of skim milk; I don’t like creamy milk in my cereal) and filled that baby up. It was like an explosion in my mouth. But not really, because I think that would actually be quite painful.

I think I’m addicted to it because on my über long, 10 minute walk back to my apartment after class, all I think about is eating a mug of this cereal. So tasty.

It was so tasty, in fact, that I don’t have any pictures of it. This will just have to suffice:


This is me, enjoying the cereal. Do you like my new hair cut?

Okay, seriously, though, look at this:


This looks suspiciously almost exactly like what my cereal looks like, minus the banana...conspiracy?


And apparently there’s quite a following for this tasty cereal. Just look at this delightful art piece utilizing these tasty little buggers:

The artist captioned the work with, "bob, george, and eddie gaped in horror after realizing the cereal killer had struck again..."


Now the all important question: What’s your favorite kind of cereal?


3 thoughts on “A Cereal Reunion

  1. I’ve never tried Barbara’s shredded oats!! Just the puffins. It looks delicious, though – and coupon? Where on earth did you find a coupon?! Must. get.
    My current fav. cereal is any of the Kashi shredded wheat biscuits – cinnamon harvest being top pick 🙂
    I am the same way when it comes to cravings. Once the idea is in my head, I HAVE to have it!

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