A Foray into Garlic Roasting

I’m not a fan of coffee (actually, I love mocha flavored things…just saying). Rather I’m a fan of hummus. Most days I roll out of bed and say, “Wake up and smell the hummus!” (Actually, that’s a blatant lie. I probably would say that if I were the Genie. But I’m not. Sadly.)


So lately I’ve been addicted to this roasted garlic hummus (what’s new?) that’s been perpetually on sale at the grocery store. You know with a name like “Prince Omar,” it’s gotta be good. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Please, enjoy this stock photo of hummus. Prince Omar apparently forgot his camera.

(Actually, what’s highly suspicious about this whole “Prince Omar” getup is that their website doesn’t work and there’s no pictures anywhere of the hummus…gulp)

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of “roasted garlic” hummus. If hummus has garlic in it anyway, it is raw garlic? Boiled? Pickled? I just assumed you’d use roasted garlic in hummus. But I digress.

Drat. I so wish this were true.


I once attempted roasted garlic. I had dreams of it turning out like this:


When in actuality, it turned out more like this:


Epic fail.

However, I was determined to try it again with some old garlic that I had laying around after reading an article (forgive me, but I just can’t remember where it was…spare me, plagiarism gods). I just separated the cloves from the bulb and roasted them, unpeeled, in the oven at 325 until they were tender. I threw a little water on the pan to create some steam, but I in no way know if this is necessary. It just made me feel better (and more hopeful that I wouldn’t burn them).


You could definitely hear an audible gasp that emitted from my lips when I discovered that I, in fact, had NOT burned the garlic but had created the secret to Prince Omar’s hummus (and probably many, many other brands of hummus).

But there was no way I was wasting these babies in hummus. No, they were all for me.


3 thoughts on “A Foray into Garlic Roasting

    • It didn’t take long at all! Because the cloves were so small (as opposed to roasting a whole head of garlic), it probably took around a half hour, tops. Try it; it’s not too difficult at all!

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