Happiness is…

…a warm puppy. Or in my case, one affectionate warm puppy and one antisocial, food-obsessed smelly puppy.

I saw these chocolates in a magazine and I new I had to try them, as I have an odd affection for the combination of peppermint and chocolate. I usually just glance at the little messages, because they’re usually something stupid like “Joy to…YOU!”* (Great…thank you.)

*Yes, this was an actual wrapper and one to which I sighed, “Oh please…”

Opening the little wrappers is almost as fun as eating them. (Okay, that was a lie. Opening them really isn’t that fun. Only if they had surprises inside like Cracker Jacks. But they don’t.)

Anyway. They were quite delicious.

And I don't even like white chocolate.

I waited with baited breath for the little message inside.

And it was a good one.

Sometimes Dove does get it right...

The little thing I was celebrating? Why, eating that chocolate, of course.

What little things are you celebrating, as the year draws to a close?



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