The 12 (Baking) Days of Christmas: Day 7

Ah, six geese a-laying. How I love thee, geese.  I hear your delightful honking every morning outside my window. It’s like music to my ears. I’m so delighted with you that I decided to compose a short poem:

To the Geese

Oh geese, my geese,

You stand statuesque,

Waiting for the opportune moment

To hiss and honk my way,

As I stumble across your breeding grounds.


You thoughtfully place calling cards to

Tell me you’ve come looking,

And you leave surprise presents

For me to find.


You haunt my dreams.

I hear your call all around me,

Like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

I want to be free.


See how much I love them? If I ate meat, guess what I’d cook for the holidays? That’s right, a Christmas goose. Ha.

But as much as I dislike geese, I like these cookies better. They’re  a Claire-ified version of an oatmeal raisin cookie. Use your imagination to guess how they’re related to geese.

Geese-alicious Quinoa Date Cookies

Dates. Food of the gods (okay, so it's actually ambrosia, but let's pretend, shall we?)

These taste amazing warm. Kind of like an oatmeal date bar.

So, if you’re like me, spare the geese and eat these cookies.



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