Boozy Hot Chocolate

It’s finals week. Eugh. It’s enough to make you a little loopy. Oh, did I say you? I meant me. Me.

However, out of some of this loopiness comes great creativity. Take this for an example.

I was antsy and tiring of studying for Food and Beverage Cost Control. I could only take so much more of reading about rum and free-pouring and standard recipes and beverage cost percent and…you get the picture. So I did what any normal college student would do. I cracked open a cold one.

Actually, I didn’t drink it. It wasn’t that cold either. But, I had the most wonderful idea ever. Beer and chocolate.

It's like warm heaven...

You can’t really taste the beer, but it brings out these great nuances in the chocolate. I bet the better the chocolate you use, the more complex the flavors. Wow.

You can also make it super fancy and serve it like hot drinking chocolate in cute little cups.

This will seriously warm your heart. Perfect for sipping around a fire, listening to Christmas music. Or for dancing around the apartment with your roommate. Your choice.


2 thoughts on “Boozy Hot Chocolate

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