The 12 (Baking) Days of Christmas

Day 5: Eight Maids A’Milking

Today’s cookie is in no way Claire-ified*. It’s just your average, bakery-shop cookie, but it’s held in such esteem that I couldn’t tamper with the original (though it was tempting).

This was an easy one. I turned to the iconic, cult-favorite, New York cookie: the black and white cookie. Why, you ask? Let me count the ways:

1. My sister. For reasons entirely too complex to list here, but I’ll list them next, anyway.

2. This clip.

3. Cows. (Milk maids…get it?)

So, I bring you: The Black and White Cookie

Delicious, no? Have you ever tried a black and white cookie? If so, what’d you think?

*Claire-ify (cl-AIR-if-eye): v. to “put a twist on,” re-imagine, reinvent.


2 thoughts on “The 12 (Baking) Days of Christmas

  1. At first I was like “why are there white dots on my screen?” and then naturally I thought, “I must be going crazy” and then I realized it’s SNOW!

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