When It Snows…

Alert: We’re taking a break from the regularly scheduled 12 (Baking) Days of Christmas programming to bring you this special message.

It’s snowing! Do you like snow? You better, because it’s here until 4 January.

I, on one hand, do not particularly enjoy snow. Yes, it’s beautiful and pretty when it falling softly, but when it pelts your face while walking to class and makes you wish you were wearing waterproof mascara, you don’t like it so much.

When it snows, apparently it’s okay not to plow the sidewalks. Thus, I have to plan my outfits around the two pairs of boots I own. This means getting creative.

You can't see it, but I'm wearing my equestrian boots...I felt a bit like a cowgirl until I put my trenchcoat on. Thank god.

When it snows, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat marinated butter beans for breakfast.

When it snows, it’s also perfectly acceptable to buy a bushel of Jonagold apples.

These were seconds...my apples don't have to look picture perfect.

How big was the bag?

...this big.

I’ve got some apple eating to do.


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