The 12 (Baking) Days of Christmas: Day 3

Ten lords a-leaping.  This was a toughie. How to represent 10 manly-men in tights, dancing around? My stream of consciousness went something like this: “Hmmm…men, manly-men…He-man…Brawny Man…Old Spice…spice…oh,oh, GINGERBREAD!”

So I decided on gingerbread. I was going to fashion gingerbread MEN, but decided that leaping men weren’t so manly. Instead I made molded cookies. In the shape of a flower. Take that, manly-men.

However, my gloating came to an untimely end. The dough was being difficult. Very difficult. This could have something to do with the fact that before I put it in the freezer to chill, I forgot to add two crucial ingredients: oil and ginger. Had I not remembered, we would have been talking spicy-flour cookie crumbles. Yum.

After liberally dousing the mold with oil, I angrily beat pressed the dough into the mold and carefully nudged it out. I tried to make clean cuts around the dough, but it was taking its revenge on me for being so rude to it.

Then I played Hansel and Gretel and shoved the witch in the oven.

I showed them.

Lords A-Leapin’ Gingerbread

Flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and don't forget the ginger (freshly grated, please!)

Molasses, almond milk, and oil...

At this point, the mixture began to look like an eye... evil eye.

I bought little wooden mold in Munich, Germany...

Lovingly laying the dough on top...

Smooshing in the dough

A successful unmolding!

I’m going with “rustic charm”, to describe them…

At least they’re tasty.


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