Tonight I’m Lovin’ You (Yes, You)

Did you hear? There’s a new Enrique song. I know, I almost died on the inside, too. I’ve been spending all my time listening to it; so much that I’ve had no time for anything else. Just ask my roommate, she can tell you all about it.

It makes me want to jump up and dance around. Just ask my sister. She was in the car when I was driving and this song came on.

Enrique inspired me to eat Wasa multigrain crackers with peanut butter…and then top them with a new jar of raspberry jam. And then he made me lick the rest of the jam off of the knife.



After all this moving and shaking, I realized I had approximately 3.71 minutes to get dressed and ready for classes. In a flurry of activity (all while dancing to the song) I did my hair, got dressed, and prepared my bag for the day.

I was inspired by a previous outfit where I wore two belts as one. It was good that inspiration struck so fast, because I was going to be late (in a relative sense).

But then I decided then would be a good time to take pictures for the blog. Rational thinking, right?

Woah, double face...

Double-belt action! WOW!


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