The Domino Effect

My mother likes ruffles. A lot. In fact, if she could still dress me, I’d probably look like this:





Skirt: H&M

Belt: Sam Moon

What a cheesy smile...

I originally put this outfit together and thought that the pintucks on the front of the shirt had too much texture. So, I took off the shirt and put it on backwards. It looked great. Score. Don’t be afraid of changing up the way clothes are “supposed” to be worn. Think outside the box. Don’t look like everyone else.

Grey Pants: H&M

White Belt: Nordstrom BP

Sweater: Anne Taylor Loft

I’m waiting for inspiration to strike again.

But speaking of dominoes, I got hungry and made a snack.

PB Domino!

I took a multigrain Wasa cracker, spread it with pb, and topped it with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, then stuck it in the oven to melt. Delicious.


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