Cornbread Salad

I’ve been wanting to make a cornbread that’s not sweet, but is accented by sweet kernels of fresh corn. Kind of like the corn fritters at a restaurant at home, fried and then covered in powdered sugar. So I got to work making a simple cornbread, without eggs and dairy, of course.

But I made a rookie mistake. I added baking soda to the baking powder in a rather hefty amount. I got a beautiful looking loaf,


but I ended up with a cornbread that smelled great, but tasted bitter. I can take bitter things (Crodino, anyone?) but this was not good. Baking soda, drat.

I started thinking about what I could possibly do with this cornbread. Sandwich strawberry jam between it? Make a caramel frosting for it? Obviously my mind was on sweets because I wasn’t thinking at all about the savory route until my roommate suggested making a salad that we used to eat at the dining hall. And I never thought I would utter that phrase. Sometimes you don’t realize how nice the dining hall was until after you’ve complained about it and can’t eat there anymore. Whoops.

This cornbread salad was basically crumbled up cornbread, oil, lemon juice, cilantro, onions, peppers, corn, and black beans. I didn’t have any cilantro or peppers, but I was cooking up some black beans for soup. I added cumin and pasted garlic and subbed lime juice for the lemon juice. It didn’t taste exactly the same, but I’m hoping tomorrow the flavors will meld and it will turn into a delicious bowl of cornbread salad.

Crumbled cornbread...I felt a little bad for purposely destroying a perfect looking loaf...

Layers of delicious ingredients...

Mix it up baby! Just don't be overly zealous and add too much lime juice...not that I'd know from personal experience or anything, ahem.

How’d you turn your last failed attempt into something great?

Or maybe you just need a good song; how about this one?



I'd love to hear your thoughts...please share!

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