Let’s Talk Tea

Since it’s nearing the end of fall, okay, really it’s not, but it sure feels like it. Anyway, since it’s getting, ahem, more cold and windy out, let’s talk tea.

I wasn’t a tea drinker until very recently. When I would visit my grandma every Sunday, she and my mother would always have a pot of tea. It seemed liked quite a cozy and elegant thing to do, but I liked tea the way I liked carrots. I didn’t.

I think it all stemmed from one bad experience. I was with my sister at her friend’s house when I was little, and she offered to make us tea. We politely accepted (because that’s just the type of sweet, meek children we were) and received cups of steaming black tea. Obediently, we put in some sugar and milk. I took a sip. “It must need more sugar.” So I scooped in some more. “Maybe more milk.” I poured in a splash. Nope. “Eugh…this is disgusting.” I don’t think I finished it. It was a bad experience (it may have also had something to do with the oddness of this friend and her licking her cat…weird, just weird.)

Anyway, I didn’t pick up tea until late in high school. I found that I only liked it straight up, no milk, no sugar. Lemon was my favorite until I discovered chamomile. Delicious and warming. Now I’d like to think of myself as a tea connoisseur, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

I’ve got three teas right now that I love:


A light rose tea that makes me feel very Middle Eastern...mmm, rosewater and pistachios.


Vanilla Roiboss

I love red tea...it's got a very interesting flavor like apples, but not really.


Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride...this taste just like a sugar cookie, and I'm not exaggerating. Honestly. If you haven't tried this, you need to.

What’s your favorite tea? (This is all assuming you like tea…)


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