Don’t be a Flake…a Flakey Wafer!

As a kid I’d sometimes get those gross wafer cookies as a snack at school or get KitKat bars as Halloween candy.

Clearly someone has a love for these that I don't share...(source)

While I didn’t mind them, they definitely weren’t something that I want to eat every day. I’m pretty sure I would have preferred these:


Epic, right?

Well, in Europe they love these sugar wafers. However, like most things, they taste a heck of a lot better in Europe than they do in America. Maybe it has to do something with, oh, I don’t know, GMOs? Just saying. In Italy this was a snack of choice, as well as on the airlines. The flight attendant would come around and ask, “Sweet or salty snack?” (Honestly, who would choose the salty snack…rotisserie chicken flavored potato chips? Um, no thank you.) If you said “sweet,” you’d get these delicious Manner Wafers.

If you’re ever flying within Germany, fly airberlin. They’ve got great snacks. In fact, most airlines in Europe still give you food. It’s a satisfying relief from American airlines (except for Southwest…I’ve got your back, buddy). On a flight from Berlin to Munich, I was presented with these:

These things are the bomb. Honestly, if I’d had these as a kid, I probably would have liked wafers. So when I was in the grocery store the other day (when am I not?), I found them. They were only 99 cents, so I bought them (I have a problem).

For nostalgia’s sake, I opened the package and savored a few of the little sticks. Look familiar?


What’re your favorite and least-favorite childhood treats?


2 thoughts on “Don’t be a Flake…a Flakey Wafer!

  1. Oh my God, I used to LOVE those wafer cookies like nothing else. The bright pink ones were the best! Super sweet and tasted nothing like strawberry. I’d have taken all the ones you didn’t want.

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