It’s been a week since Halloween, and I know all of you aren’t sick of Halloween candy yet. Or rather, I’m not (probably because I didn’t have any, but let’s not focus on that). So what was on my mind naturally was making homemade Mounds (isn’t this a normal thought for everyone?).

I had bought some shredded coconut on sale at the grocery store last week (only because it was on sale…I swore I’d find a use for it…I think I have a problem). I rounded that up along with some other ingredients (see below).

I feel like I should have strategically placed the products so you couldn't tell the brand names. All this free advertising and I'm not even getting paid (unless, companies, you want to fork over a little moolah...)

I mixed half a bag of 60% cacao chocolate chips with half a box of unsweetened chocolate and melted it ON LOW over my pseudo-double boiler (previous experience with melting chocolate has taught me that low is best, unless of course, you enjoy eating chalky chocolate, then, by all means, use high heat!).

I mixed about a cup of shredded coconut with 2 TBL of coconut oil, some vanilla, and about 2 TBL brown sugar. I was expecting it to make a nice, cohesive filling, since coconut oil isn’t liquid at our balmy 68 degree apartment temperature. Ummm…it didn’t.

It pretty much resembled a mixed version of the bowl above. Hmm…maybe freezing it would work? Nope. (I’m sure sweetened condensed milk would have done the trick, but of course, I don’t have any of that) Finally I just gave up and poured half the chocolate in muffin tins.

(Look at the bottom right cup...see anything?)

Then I added some of the coconut mixture (thank you, Captain Obvious).

I covered the tops with chocolate and popped them in the freezer. After a few hours, I had a wonderful time whacking them out of the pan (nothing’s better for pent-up aggression!) and revealing the beautiful babies.

This is not a retouched photo...the Mounds wanted to be shown in its natural state.

Ahh! The exposé!

As you can see, it’s more of a coconut accented chocolate cup than a true Mounds bar (obviously), but it’s still delicious. Of course, if you prefer something as cloyingly sweet (favorite food magazine phrase) as true Mounds bars, please add more sugar. Your health won’t thank you for it.


But…what’s your favorite Halloween candy? I have a thing for anything chocolate, except Hershey’s bars. Blech.


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