Hansel and Squashel

Good news! I finally figured out a new setting on my camera so all my pictures don’t look like they’ve been taken in a 40 year-old accounting firm. Excellent.

I had one of the largest delicata squashes I’ve ever seen sitting at the bottom of my pantry, patiently waiting for its turn to be consumed.

I also had a dish I dreamed up sitting in my finance notebook, waiting patiently to be utilized. Since I had all the available ingredients, it was mission possible (with some exceptions).

I dreamed up slicing the delicate delicata squash into thin, round slices, then sautéing them in a pan. Well, Mr. Gignormous Squash wouldn’t allow for that. Instead he insisted in being cut into chunky rounds and baked in the oven. Next time remind me to get a less ornery squash. However, his attitude may have stemmed from the fact that I sharpened my knife first, so if I had to cut my finger off, at least it would be a clean cut, literally speaking.

Muahahahaha. Hahahaha. Muahahhaha. Ha.

After I did all the dirty work, I played the creepy old witch in Hansel and Gretel and shoved them in the oven (this is the modified version; since I’m the witch I obviously don’t want to die, so I switched up the story a bit. Let’s call it creative license).

I needed a garnish for said squash, so I decided to chiffonade spinach. Ever used the chiffonade technique? Take a look at how to:

Stack up the spinach, lining up the leaves and making a straight, pretty pile.

Carefully roll up the spinach lengthwise into a Tootsie Roll shape (hey, I've got to keep with the Hansel and Gretel thing).

Carefully slice the log into strips, then fluff to reveal your long spinach strips...

The next part is as simple as…yeah. Anyway, I dressed it with a drizzle of good olive oil, dried cherries and cranberries, walnuts, and my chiffonaded spinach.

I did not intend to position the rings of squash like the Olympic rings...honestly Mr. Gignormous Squash, honestly.

I’m even thinking this would taste great as a squash mash with mashed squash mixed with the toppings. Wooh.

What’d you do with your extra hour today? I learned German pronunciation. Der Hunger. Die Hand. Das Mittagessen. But you can’t hear me speak any of the that. Awkward.


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