Fashion Friday Takes PB for a Ride

I’ve decided to do a 180 and exhibit my outfits first, since, after all, an outfit’s worth a thousand words. Just saying.

I was inspired by a newspaper clipping from the WSJ (thanks, mom) that showed little cardigans with big, full skirts. I don’t have any little cardigans. I don’t have any big, full skirts. But…I have a cable-knit, v-neck, off-white sweatervest (from the boys’ department…oh yeah). And I have a pleated red skirt (reminding me suspiciously of a little skirt my grandmother made for one of my mother’s Barbie dolls…hmmm). Put them together and you get:

But something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, until…

Did you find the change? Pretend it’s one of those “What’s Different?” pictures in the Sunday paper. Got it?

Yes, I had to do the teeny-bopper, 50s girl ponytail. Then I felt much better about the outfit.

My second fashion choice was simple. I wanted something classy and not overdone, so I went with the classic LBD.

I have a feeling I already posted this, but I’m just going to do it again. Booyah.

Another day I was feeling particularly artsy, so I paired my navy lace Forever21 dress with a textured smoking jacket, black tights, my brown shoes, and this lovely brooch.

I know you've always wanted to see a shot of my nose front and center...

And last but not least, because I know how much you love looking at pictures of food like I do, I present a wordless recipe.


I’d let you have some, but they’re gone already.


I'd love to hear your thoughts...please share!

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