How to Cure Your Muffin Obsession

Ever since my Halloween party, I’ve been thinking about muffins. You know, not healthy muffins but the muffins that taste more like cake.


Yeah, those muffins.

Whenever my mother was out of town, my dad would take my sister and I to Costco where we would  buy said muffins. They were HUGE; probably the size of a softball, and we ate the whole thing. The double chocolate chip had gooey little pockets of chocolately goodness, the crumb muffin was bespotted with buttery, spiced crumb topping and a luscious maple glaze, the blueberry muffin tasted like a fluffy yellow cake…oh joy.

Then my mother found out. The muffin-buying subsequently stopped and my muffin-dreams were crushed forever. Well, that was a bummer.

Until October 2010, when I began dreaming again of the muffin.

It all began after I got to take home a mountain load of muffins from class one day. Naturally, I was anticipating having this party so I stuck them in the freezer. And I took nary a glance at them after. Nasty, unhealthy muffins.

Enter the party. I dutifully defrosted them in my refrigerator, the sliced them up in attractive little slices. When making most things look attractive, there’s usually some dregs that go unnoticed. So I stuck one of these unattractive muffin nubs in my mouth. Oh my.

Why had I been neglecting these in my freezer? Why had I shunned their deliciousness? I hung my head in shame and placed the plate out on the coffee table. All night I fretted around it, hoping that a few muffin slices might be left at the end of the night. I sneakily tried to direct people to try my roommate’s Halloween funfetti cake (I do not endorse making anything from a box, but this was a joint party…sshhh…don’t tell her I said anything). “Oh, you want something light and fluffy, like a pillowy cloud of deliciousness studded with juicy, sweet fruit? Here, try this cake.”

And at the end of the night, I was successful. While we were “cleaning up” the party, I clandestinely hoarded the muffin plate and ate one slice. Then another. Then another. It was so delicious.

Then my muffin fetish really took a turn for the worse. The muffins were all gone, but my tastebuds for them weren’t. I spent a good portion of my night finance class dreaming up a muffin recipe, dairy-free and, dare I say it, healthy. It was a challenge.

I finally settled on an adaption of a baked pumpkin doughnut recipe and then put a twist on it, combining a muffin and an apple galette together. Oh man, this was going to be good.

Pumpkin Apple Galette Muffins

adapted from Baked Pumpkin Donuts

1.5 cups organic whole wheat flour

0.5 cup brown rice flour

0.5 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

0.5 tsp baking soda

0.25 tsp nutmeg

2.5 tsp cinnamon

0.5 cup lightly packed organic brown sugar

1.25 cups canned pumpkin

0.25-0.3 cup almond milk/apple cider mix

0.25 cup olive oil

1 tsp. vanilla

3 apples (I used two gala and one fugi)

1. Peel those apples, baby. Then slice them thinly.

2. Coat the apples with an arbitrary amount of cinnamon and apple cider. It’s not rocket science.

3. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Then mix in the wet. Like I said, not rocket science.

From this... this!

4. Liberally grease your muffin tin, especially if it’s a 100 year-old borrowed muffin tin that makes muffins the size of golfballs. Just saying.

5. Spoon batter into muffin tins and attractively top with apple slices.

6. While you’re at it, make an actual galette with the batter.

7. Bake at

...for 15-20 minutes...

Then you get something so fluffy, so light, so absolutely unhealthy tasting, it’s pretty much mind-blowing. Just ask me; I’ve already eaten three today.


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