This is an interactive post…can you find all three cameos?

I was feeling quite fall-ish last week, so I decided to put a spin on my sweet potato quinoa salad and use up some apple cider that I had accidentally acquired from my parents. Ahem.

Anyway, it’s quite artistic. And easy. So easy, in fact, even a caveman could do it.


Or maybe I should switch that to: “So easy a kid can do it.” (with adult supervision…kids, don’t try this at home). But I made it with all pictures, so your kid doesn’t even have to know how to read.

I present:

Cider Harvest Quinoa Salad*

*recipe not included

I call this "Pot with Cider"


"Apple Mingles with Pear and Sweet Potato"

Peacefully CoMingling

And then I went and had this:

Items may appear larger than they are...

My oh my…it reminds me of high school, when I used to have a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on wheat bread every. single. day. At least it was delicious. Not really sure about the nutritious part, though.

Are you ready for a whole slew of outfits?

I am.

And if you’re not in, you’re out (never mind that that was extremely obvious).

I usually wear this jacket as a dress, but here I decided to honor it as it should be worn…as a, um, jacket. Then I decided the picture would look a lot cooler with my gloves.

All together now: "Oooo...ahhh...oooahhooo..."

Check out my cameo bow-belt I devised:



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