I’m feeling all creative today.

Knowing it was going to be humid, I let my hair do its thing, which, in turn, inspired my outfit. It’s a take on the whole 80s-big-hair-shoulder pads- power suits thing with a twist.

Excuse the poor quality self-portrait…not waking up one’s sleeping roommates is top priority.

My hair puffed up, so I did a wild side part, threw on a shrunken military jacket, and popped on pink alligator pumps. 80s revamped.

I’ve also been reimagining my dinners.

Bruschetta Reimagined

I bought some brown rice flour over the weekend and was eager to use it, so I attempted to make naan. It was a fail naan-wise, but a discovery flat-bread-wise. Though it was a yeasted dough, the bread turned out flat and almost cracker-like. So, in a burst of inspiration, I spread some Mediterranean hummus on the flatbread and topped it with a juicy, red tomato and a sprinkling of salt.

An alternative is just to use plain hummus and cucumbers, which is still refreshing and delicious.

A Mexican-inspired flat-bread with black beans, mixed greens, cumin, and salsa:

While making my lunch yesterday, I was suddenly caught with inspiration to take a picture of the cutting board, as it just looked geometrically beautiful.

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful?


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