Sweet Discoveries

I learned about some amazing new foods whilst in Italy this summer. After spending much of the day putting a dent in a thirty page paper about the experience, I decided to share a few of these wonderful items that I had had.

1.  Queijadas de Sintra

These lovely beauties taste a little like cheesecake, but with a much firmer texture and an interesting spice. The "crust" on the cheesecake is very similar to a tortilla, and the browned sugar crust on top reminds me a bit of creme brulee. (source)

2. Sfogliatelle

A sfogliatelle (SVOH-lyee-ah-tell-ay) is an Italian seashell shaped intricate pastry with a sweet ricotta filling. The contrast in your mouth in stunning between biting into the flaky pastry and sinking your teeth into the smooth and creamy filling.

See how the outside of the sfogliatelle resembles a shell?

3. Kaiserschmarrn

I can't say this is the most attractive picture, but I had this dessert at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. A Kaiserschmarrn is basically a large pancake studded with raisins and topped with powdered sugar. It is served cut up in little cubes with apple sauce on the side for dipping.

4. Quarkbaellchen

A quarkbaellchen is a typical carnival food. The doughnut is unique because it's made with quark, a yogurt-like cheese that lends a tanginess to the doughnut. If not for the sugar coating the outside, it could almost be a savory food.

5. Pflaumenkuchen

Plaumenkuchen is a delicious plum tart in Munich. The base of the tart is like a sweet yeast bread rather than a flaky crust. The plums are cut and arranged in such a way that their pointy tops resemble little rows of soldiers with bayonets.


I'd love to hear your thoughts...please share!

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